Commission on Political Geography

History of the IGU Commission on Political Geography

On the occasion of the 25th IGU International Congress in Paris (August 1984), a Study Group on the World Political Map was created by the IGU General Assembly and Executive Committee. Its first Chair was Professor Ronald Johnston (UK). Due to the huge pressures exerted at the Paris Congress by the Soviet delegation and its leader, the academician Inokienti Gerasimov, the use of the expression "Political Geography" was criticized (which had a "fascist and Nazi connotation," according to Gerasimov) and the final choice was "World Political Map"!

With the 26th IGU IGC in Sydney (August 1988), the Study Group was transformed into a Full Commission under the same name. The second Chair was Professor David Knight (Canada).

At the 27th IGU IGC in Washington (August 1992), the Commission was renewed for a third term with a new Chair, Professor Herman Van Der Wusten (The Netherlands).

At the 28th IGU IGC in The Hague (August 1996), Professor Vladimir Kolossov (Russia) succeeded the previous Chair.

On the occasion of the 29th IGU IGC, which was held in Seoul (August 2000), Professor Kolossov was re-elected for a second and last term in accordance with IGU rules. At that meeting the name of the Commission was transformed into "Commission on Political Geography".

After 20-years in existence and 5 four-years terms, the Commission on Political Geography has been renewed at the IGU IGC in Glasgow (August 2004) and Professor André-Louis Sanguin (France) has been elected as the fifth Chair of this body of political geographers. Sanguin had been Vice-Chair during Vladimir Kolossov’s two terms as Chair. The current mandate expires at the IGU IGC in Tunis (August 2008).

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